Monday, April 13, 2009

Gee, it had fuzz on it.

No, I'm not talking about anything in my refrigerator either!!

I'm talking about this blog that I haven't touched sinced February!! I think it's weird that I go to Blissdom '09 in Nashville, had a blast, met lots of fantastic ladies, got great swag, and came back home uninspired to write anything.

Crickets chirpped. No give-aways. No serious topics. No fund-raising. My blog was just blah.

I wonder if all the bloggers I met were so serious about their writing and blogging networking and I know that I just do this to meet folks and have some fun..................... As always I didn't think I measured up.

Then, I decided that that couldn't be the reason because I have finally hit a point in my life that I am not doing stuff to please other people or do what is only expected of me. I am finally doing things for me and realizing that It. Is. Okay.

I just wasn't in the mood. It happens. And it only meant something to me. Sorry if all of this is random and not making much sense, but it does to me.

I hope a Happy Easter was had by all. I always think of my Mamaw at Easter when we sing "Because He Lives." I missed her so much yesterday it hurt. I hope I can impact my children and future grandchildren in that same, loving way.

Let's do standardized testing this week!! I only have 31 more days of school!!