Saturday, December 29, 2007

Reed's New Glasses

Reed got her new glasses yesterday. They look really cute on her. I think they may be about the best look she's had yet. And we have had quite a few. We go back next week to try contacts again. Soft ones, this time. She's up for it because it's not going to be a fight. They will be used to help out for all her activities, soccer, ball, and dance. We won't force them on her like we tried to with the hard ones. So, everybody cross your fingers!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas morning

Christmas morning was fantastic. The girls, of course, got way too much. I didn't get any real good pictures this year because of Billy doing a really sweet thing. He surprised me on Christmas Eve night with a new camcorder but we couldn't get the DVDs to work in it. I used my card from my camera and filled it up within minutes. I guess I could start on a list for next year already.... extra SD cards, jumpdrives, and a new computer that has easy access for USB ports to share and store everything. Reed was excited to get Nicki, the American Girl of the Year, Webkinz, and her Disney Mix Max (MP3 player plus video playback). Allie got twins and a stroller but didn't name them until the day after Christmas. She was more excited over her Hot Wheels racer and Leapster.
We are extremely blessed with love and health and the presents are just the frosting on the cake.

First Post

I had to jump on the bandwagon!! I figured that this will be a great way to keep loved ones near and far up to date on the lives of the Dixon Chicks and their parents. I hope it's as easy as everyone says!!