Saturday, December 29, 2007

Reed's New Glasses

Reed got her new glasses yesterday. They look really cute on her. I think they may be about the best look she's had yet. And we have had quite a few. We go back next week to try contacts again. Soft ones, this time. She's up for it because it's not going to be a fight. They will be used to help out for all her activities, soccer, ball, and dance. We won't force them on her like we tried to with the hard ones. So, everybody cross your fingers!!


Mrs. Mumpower said...

We love your new glasses. Good luck with the new contacts. I hope they work better this time.

ChristiS said...

I'd say soft ones will be easier for her! I hope so! Love the new glasses, but Reed is a doll no matter what she has on!

Anonymous said...

She is soo beautiful, Robin!!! I love those glasses! Good luck with the soft ones!