Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Better today, thanks.....

Today seemed to be a better day than yesterday. The washing machine's motor was out. Luckily, the extremely nice man who we called had a used motor that he was able to use and only for $98. A new motor(parts and labor) would have run us about $200. So, I am grateful and prayful that this used part will work for months to come.
Thanks for the comments yesterday. I really needed those. It was just one of those days.
Now, pray for me as I take my kindergarten class to the pumpkin patch tomorrow. It should be fun, but it shouldn't have been cold enough to be blowing snow today. Can you believe that? Oh well, we're all screwed up around here!!

Oh, WhereAreMyAngels, maybe we can make it to Jamaica. We could just get on a raft and float our way down!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Just wanted to vent today. I have no warm and fuzzies for anyone today. I wish I could blame it on PMS, but those who know me know that I don't do that anymore. That could be part of the problem; I still need to get this stinkin thing out of me!! Anywho, my stupid washing machine is messed up. I had to get wet clothes out of it today, take them to my mother-in-law's and wash them there. Someone is coming out to look at it tomorrow, but I think it's just the straw that broke the camel's back today.........

I'm tired. I'm tired of driving somewhere every afternoon to sit and wait for the girls to do whatever it is they are doing. I'm tired of my house being in a constant state of dispair. I want the carpet up NOW!! The heat pump is still messed up (but working on that, thanks Lynette!) Christmas is coming up, and today, I do believe that life sucks big ole rotten tomatoes!!

Just wanted to share, in case anyone is interested. Maybe tomorrow I will have a chance to be a little more Pollyanna. Sorry, and thanks for your support.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This cool weather gives me a latte to think about.....

This is the time of year, I love my coffee. Oh, I love it all the time, but cooler days really make me think of coffees and lattes. I like to try different kinds and am excited because soon Starbuck's will have their eggnog latte back!! And I love the caramel apple spice, even though it's not coffee, but it fits the fall season! So, what kind of latte are you? I've never had a pumpkin spice latte, but I may have to try one now!!

You Are a Pumpkin Latte
You are always up for a celebration. You are a very festive person.
You look forward to every holiday, and you are nostalgic for good times after they're over.

You appreciate the small things that make life special. You love little treats.
You often look at the world with childlike wonder. There's so much to enjoy!
What Flavor Latte Are You?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random thoughts.....

Isn't this photo beautiful? Don't you feel like a peeping tom looking at it? Why, you ask, do I have this photo on my blog? It is of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart from the upcoming movie, Twilight. They play Edward and Bella, and I think, these two make it look convincing!!

I am convinced that you need to do 2 things: 1) Read Twilight the book and fall in love with everything Twilight. (then read the other books) and 2) Go see the movie on 11/21 and fall even more in love!

I love Edward!! He is the perfect man. I wish I could say more, but I don't like to spoil things for people. Please, please check it out. Christi, you would really like this one!!

Second radom thought for the day:

I just saw that the school that I received my education specialist degree is going to begin a doctorate program in executive leadership next summer. I don't even know if I could get in (not because of ability, but because of the number of people, they only take 40) but is this something I should even be thinking about? I am afraid to admit it, but I think I am. {squeal} I have missed going to classes and reading stuff and even doing the work. I know, call me a nerd! The only truely scary thing about doing this is a dissertation, and well, the time involved. 42 credit hours- in 2 years!!! I'm excited and scared to even think about it.

What do you all think?

Then, you would have to address your cards to us as Dr. and Mr. Dixon. What a hoot!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hello there.....

I didn't know how else to start today's post. I had to complete an in-service on-line for school. I have put it off and put it off until I finally had to do it. It was on teen suicide. We had to go to www.jasonfoundation.com and watch a hour and a half video and then complete some questions.

The time was long, and that's one reason why I didn't want to do it, but after watching it I realized what the other reason was. It's the fall season, and how I always remember a guy I knew from college who committed suicide. He wasn't a super-close friend or even a guy that I hung out with much, but it really affected me. I went to a small, private school that only had about 1200 kids. I can say kids now, we only thought we were mature at the time. He and I were in a scholarship program together. The year we started college was the first year for this program. There were 25 of us and we were really close that year along with our advisor, the college chaplain. I even worked for that chaplain in school and he married me and my husband. We did service projects together, goofed off together, and played countless games of trust and getting to know one another. Christi, do you remember Casey? Robin and the Rolling Stones!!

By our third year, there were 75 of us and we had all found our spot- our own group of friends, sororites/fraternites, our own niche. That first year group drifted. We still saw each other at our monthly meetings and things but it wasn't the same. In the fall of our Junior year, right after bid turn-in, he went home to see his parents. I think he lived a few hours from the school so it was an odd thing to do. He asked for his favorite dessert, went upstairs, and killed himself. Oh, the gossip flew and things were said. Like I said, small school.
It's the first time I saw a grown man weep and sob. It was the first time I really realized that ministers were human and felt pain. It was the first time I could not feel empathy for someone. I was furious that with all the people that he knew; he didn't ask for help. I had just seen him the week before, couldn't I have seen something? I was so mad about the situation. Did he not realize that he could have survived whatever pain he was in? I remember sitting in the chapel with Christi and Mia expressing my thoughts and Mia trying to explain to me how someone could truely feel that hopeless. And Mia, dressing me down, if I remember correctly. It affected me that way so much because even though I have been depressed in my life and wanted my hurt to go away, I knew that if I would just hang in there, things would change.

I have grown and matured and can now empathize/understand much more how people feel that way. Sometimes, we can not make someone snap out of it. This Jason Foundation is trying to help educate people about this "silent epidemic" of youth suicide. So, pay attention to the young people in your life and realize that what we may realize and have learned, they may not be there yet.

Sorry for the soapbox today, just wanted to share this with everyone. Thanks!!