Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Better today, thanks.....

Today seemed to be a better day than yesterday. The washing machine's motor was out. Luckily, the extremely nice man who we called had a used motor that he was able to use and only for $98. A new motor(parts and labor) would have run us about $200. So, I am grateful and prayful that this used part will work for months to come.
Thanks for the comments yesterday. I really needed those. It was just one of those days.
Now, pray for me as I take my kindergarten class to the pumpkin patch tomorrow. It should be fun, but it shouldn't have been cold enough to be blowing snow today. Can you believe that? Oh well, we're all screwed up around here!!

Oh, WhereAreMyAngels, maybe we can make it to Jamaica. We could just get on a raft and float our way down!!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Awwww, Kindergartner's at a pumpking patch? Could there be anything cuter?

Does Anybody Hear Me said...

Kindergarten in in the pumpkin patch--now what is more fun than that? They are so full of awe and wonder and just enjoy everything. I wish I was going with you!

Anonymous said...

I need a favor...that white stuff you spoke of...that needs to be gone when we get up there, do you understand me? I refuse to visit with that stuff around;) LOL

WheresMyAngels said...

The raft idea, is kinda scary!! lol I guess we could have a few drinks before we started! That might make drowning easier!! lol

Lynette is on my poopy list for not doing an 80's post cause she was suppose too! So make sure that stuff is all around!

Glad you got the motor cheap.

ChristiS said...

Glad it was fixable! I wanna go to the beach....Katye brings that memory up quite often....wanna come?! LOL