Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve with the Fritz family

Lauren had been to a party and left her party dress on to ring in the new year!

Jamie is holding Allie who loves for Jamie to be around. She plays with her and does crafts.

The crazy kids!!

This is what my nephews really look like. I think they are related to the Doodlebops!

Lauren showing off her cheerleading skills. I think so anyway.............

And finally, this is how excited Billy gets over anything.

No, actually we had a good time with my sister and her family. Mom and Jamie came over. We bowled on the Wii. Billy beat Jamie and then me. That was a first, on the bowling anyway. Lauren tried to teach me how to play Guitar Hero, but I don't think that will happen. I have decided I am out of the loop on that one. Then, we had birthday cheesecake for Billy and celebrated the ball dropping. Billy's birthday is today, New Year's Day. Oh yeah, he has spent his whole life thinking that the big ball in Times Square was for him. :)


ChristiS said...

I LOVE the pics! I like Betsy's hardwood floors. Seeing her house brought back many memories!! I can't believe how big and beautiful Lauren has gotten, and the boys, too! Time certainly flies!
I was thinking about Jamie the other day and wondering how she is! How is Russell?

Anonymous said...

Come on...you guys didn't have an air hockey tournament?? I guess you need ME up there to show you guys how to win;) Looks like you had fun tho!