Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Reed perked up enough this evening to play a couple of games with Allie. She is doing fantastic. I feel sorry for her though because she is hungry, and the thickest thing I will let her have is vanilla pudding. I think tomorrow I will let her have some soup or mashed potatoes. Like my daughter, I try to do what I'm told to do. The nurses told us to keep it very light today. I'm still bugging her to death to drink, drink, drink. As I keep telling her, "A moist throat is a happy throat!"

My little trooper with her red jello mouth.


Lane Boyz Mom said...

Awww, even with the red mouth she is precious!!!! How long are you guys out of school?

BTW, I have that same couch in my office, LOL

Christi said...

Awww, she's precious!! I still can't believe how BIG she is!!

Cassie said...

I am glad she is doing so well after her surgery. She is adorable. . Love the jello mouth pic. . too cute.