Thursday, January 17, 2008

A "REAL" Snow Day!!!!!!!

Here is Reed with the little snowman she made. We used Hershey Kisses for the eyes and that orange slice candy for the nose.

Stripes was wanting in on the fun.

Allie reminds me of myself. She kept complaining that the snow was getting in her mittens and her sock was slipping off her foot into her boot. Sound familiar, Bebe and Mama?

We had a real snow day today. It was great to wake up and see actual snow on the ground. I'm posting pictures for you Florida cousins. We didn't have to use the sprinklers to get our fun outside! :) I still think that was a great idea Lynette. Randy is one smart cookie. I hate he left TN though before he got to have the snow. He could have brought some home for the kids.


Anonymous said...

WOW real snow!!! I'm soo glad I am only seeing that in pictures, you know how I feel about cold weather, LOL It is pretty, I'll give you people that, but uh, no need to actually be in it! LOL

I think they just missed the snow, they would have driven right thru it that nasty crap to get home!

ChristiS said...

Wasn't it nice to get to play in it?! Such fun! I hope you get a second day off (like me! :D) tomorrow!