Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Playlist

Hello all. I got an idea.

I love music.

I can usually relate events in my life to songs of the time. So, I made a playlist of songs I liked in high school and some songs that I just remember from childhood. I may make one later of songs I really liked from college. No, Lynette and Betsy, I didn't put Debbie Boone on here. But Anne, I did put "Hot Child in the City!"
If any of you can think of songs I didn't put on that were popular way back then, leave me a comment. I need your help here Christi.
Like, right now, I just realized I only put 1 Madonna song on there. Too many songs, and not enough memory.
Enjoy the playlist!!!!!

The girls had their birthday party last night. It went great. I'll try to post pics later.


Lane Boyz Mom said...

I cannot believe you didn't add John Denver~Country Roads...or whatever it was called, LOL You really don't remember singing that with Betsy, Anne & me in the back of PaPaw's truck??? Come on...MEMORIES've got them all, and mine are all gone, but I do remember that! LOL

I need to do one of these, but well, I'd have to THINK, LOL

ChristiS said...

LOL I'll help ya out soon!