Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Birthday Parties

My 5 year-old DAUGHTER, Allie, wanted Buzz and Woody for her cake this year.

Reed's cake came from her party invitations.

I think the girls were excited over their party.

Allie with two of her favorite people, Meredith and Andrew.

The girls loved their party and I wish I had more pics of them with their buddies. Lauren took pictures for me so I could see what little of opening I could see. Thanks Lauren for helping out. The party place was fantastic. I showed up with the cakes and the party hostess did the rest. They served the drinks, the pizza, and even cut the cake. They even gave me a cart to carry stuff to the car. I will have to remember that for next year. As we were driving home, I asked Allie if she had a good party and she said, "It was great!"

I still can't believe that my girls are getting older. Reed will be nine Friday. Where has the time gone? We found out today that Reed will be getting her tonsils out next month. Please pray for me with everything going on that we get this done and over and for her that everything goes well. Between my school schedule and her dance competition schedule, this is our only window of opportunity until late spring. I want it over with instead of dreading it for months.

Well, that's all for today. Have a great day!