Thursday, January 24, 2008

Change for Reed

Just a quick update. We got a phone call today about 5:15 that Reed will be getting her tonsils out Tuesday instead of 3 weeks from now. Actually, that was a prayer answered because of competition dance in March and all the practices before then. Now she really will just be out one practice and it won't be the one right before we go to Greenville, SC. Just say a prayer that Reed does well and she has no complications.

Note on the Playlist:
UGH!!!! I'm about ready to give up my project. Now, I've songs popping up that won't play. Of course, it's some of my favorites -- U2, Bon Jovi Guess I can't have it all.
Christi, I did add Kenny and Dolly, Islands in the Stream. Lynette, a little Refugee for you. I seem to remember you getting called that some when we were younger. You Cuban you!!


Christi said...

praying starting now that surgery goes well!

Anonymous said...

OMG girl!!! Why didn't you call me??! You are right tho, this solves all of your worrying, huh? Good! But why the sudden change of dates???

And yes, I am STILL called REFUGEE...same with Tara! LOL

Cassie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I remember Amie talking about you and your children. I will say a prayer for your daughter that surgery goes well. . . Have a good one . . .