Monday, April 7, 2008

The LAST Competition

Reed had her last dance competition of the season Saturday at Meadowview here in Kingsport. Thank goodness, no hotel bill!! The girls did awesome! Every competiton groups differently and gives out awards differently. Reed and her group got "gold" and placed 3rd overall in junior division. Their production tap got a "high gold" and placed 1st over productions, and their production hip-hop got a "high gold" and placed 2nd overall in productions. I think that's so weird that you can compete against yourself in the categories. Another long day of dancing, but well worth it. Of course, I didn't get any pictures. We were so busy putting on the make-up and spraying glitter that you don't have time to get the camera out. However, I did video tape her tap number, "Baby I'm a Star." (I wasn't supposed to, but I did anyway.) I'm going to try to figure out how to get it on. I hope anyway.

At workshop the next day, Reed's friend Makenna got a scholarship for jazz, and Reed got one for tap!!!!!!!!!!!!! They only give 2 per age group so I was shocked but so excited. There were about 100 girls there, so it was great. It just means that next year we won't have to pay the $100 to do the workshop; it will be free!! So, yay Reed!! My friend Christi's niece got an advanced scholarship. They actually win a scholarship to go somewhere, and she won the one to the Joffrey Ballet. She is a beautiful dancer, and well deserving.

Here is a picture of Reed and Makenna!!


ChristiS said...

aww, thanks for mentioning Katie! WTG Reed, and Makenna too! What an honor--what can we say, we taught 'em everything they know! HA!!!

Lane Boyz Mom said...

Awwww she's sooo beautiful,'s those beautiful Griffith/Barker genes, what can we say? HAHAHAHHAA