Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Can't Believe I Made it Home!!

Tonight, Brittany, my 16 year-old niece, called me to take her out driving. Brittany didn't get her learner's permit until last week and has only been out on the road 2 times. Well, we went!! She did well and I shouldn't say anything. Does anybody else remember their first times out on the road? (My sister yelling at me sticks out in my mind.) We only had 1 person honk at us, I had to have her slow down a couple of times, and she remembered to press the gas pedal and turn the wheel at most turns. I had a blast out with her though and am more than willing to go again. So, say some prayers for me and Britt as I (now, that's funny) teach her to drive. Christi, remember me trying to teach you a stick out at Patrick Henry? Good times. = )

Update on Reed's dance competition from Asheville this past weekend. I didn't get any pictures. We were there from 8 AM until 7:30 that night! UGH!! I did see some great routines though. Reed's tap group got a high gold, won their age division, and won 1st place in small groups. They were excited about that. Her production tap group got gold, and her production hip-hop group got judge's choice gold, won age division,won the showstopper award, and won 1st place in large groups. The girls have worked hard, and it was extremely rewarding. We dance this weekend at Meadowview. So, hair, make-up, false eyelashes here we come again!!!

I hope everyone has a great week!!


Anonymous said...

I found that when Gabrielle was learning to drive, if I played with my cell phone or didn't watch the speedometer, I was good to go! LOL I survived, so I guess that is a good thing, right? LOL

Congrats to Reed! She is really doing great in dance!!