Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My irises were beautiful this year. I took this picture Sunday and I wish now I had snapped one before that. They were very pretty.

I just closed my eyes and added this picture of me and the girls on Mother's Day. It was so cold and windy outside and Billy was the one with the camera. He took one and said, "Okay!" I look awful for lots of reasons, but that Barker crack is not very attractive!! Thanks, mother!

The flowers are from Momma and Betsy. I got the Teacher of the year award at our school, and they sent those to congratulate me. They are so pretty. I did well getting them home because I had a few stops to make. Almost home, stopped for a red light, and now I have water on the front seat and the floor board. It's worth it to get such a great surprise today!


ChristiS said...

Congratulations!! Way to go, girl!! This week is jam packed, what does next week look like for you??

Lane Boyz Mom said...

Congratulations!!!! WOOHOOO!! You rock!!!!

Barker crack? Do tell...cuz uh, I'm a Barker too! LOL I thought it was a cute picture of you & the girls!