Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tears are still rolling......

I'm at Betsy's house today, and she had some old photos out on the bar. She especially loved the one of her and Lynette and their fantastic hair-dos! So, I scanned them for the Florida cousins to see and get a laugh out of it. I only wish I had a few of me and Anne. I think I do at home. I may have to edit and add those later!! Enjoy! We did have some good summers, didn't we?

Since I don't have glasses, I'm guessing this picture was about 1980. I did love being at Mamaw and Papaw's house though. I loved playing back behind the tractor shed, stomping on chesnut sticky-things and pulling willow limbs and feeding the cows.

Ahh, Backbone Rock. Another fun place for us. Funny, now, I don't like to go up there for anything. Where were you Lynette? Working at the Chinese place in the mall?

What cute little girls!!

What happened?????????


Lane Boyz Mom said...

Well thanks, I've already had the most emotional week ever, and now here I sit crying again!!! Of course the first picture I am crying cuz I look uh...freaky, but the others not as freaky, yet freaky enough to say I'm freaky...but over all I am crying cuz of the memories!! I MISS MY MAMAW & PAPAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ChristiS said...

I just teared up seeing your Mamaw and Papaw! I think of them often. Thank you for sharing them with me!!