Saturday, June 21, 2008

Home, and wishing we were back at the beach.....

We got back yesterday from our trip to the beach. We had a blast! The weather was good, the girls met buddies to play with, and it was very relaxing. No one got sunburned and no one complained too much about stuff we did or didn't do. I forgot to take my camera out everyday until the last one. Actually I would remember after we got settled at the pool or the beach, but then I wouldn't go back for it. I also forgot to take it out with us at night. I am horrible about remembering to take it with me. I couldn't get Reed alone or with Allie alone for a picture. She met a friend from Pennsylvania and hit it off. She was too busy for family pictures. My sister and her family were down there too. We had a hoot eating at Hooters one night and at Dick's Last Resort another night. If you have never eaten there, it is an experience. They make hats for you to wear. My hat said, "Find me at" and Lauren's hat said, "I stuff my training bra." On our last night, I got a few pictures of all of the kids on the beach.
Waaaaa! I want to go back!!!!!

Reed and her friend from PA behind her.

Allie doing her Papaw Eugene pose.

Reed, out of the water, for a split second.

Allie swimming without her swim vest on. She got very brave this trip.

The girls on the beach our last night.

Matthew, Reed, and Allie


Reed, Matthew, Andrew, and Allie

Reed, Lauren, Matthew, Andrew, and Allie

Reed, Lauren, and Allie


Lesley said...

Why are there to pictures of mommy? HA HA HA (I didn't take any pictures at the beach either!)

Lesley said...

OOPS!!! I meant no pictures...

ChristiS said...

I was gonna say....I didn't know ya'll were going to the beach! Glad you had a good time!!

Lane Boyz Mom said...

I am on earth could anyone related to me NOT have a camera out at ALL times! Heck, it's a known fact that I remember my CAMERA before the KIDS, LOL Maybe if you got yourself a Nikon like me, you'd remember;)

Looks like you guys had a blast! Thanks for the invite, really...we understand, you can't hang with the *Florida Cousins* too much...they are too wild for you tame Virginians! LOL

Robin said...

Lesley - you know why there are no pictures of the mother!! I'm not to be photographed. So later on, the girls will think I was attractive without being the wiser. =)

Christi - last minute thing, and I am so grateful for it. We had a great time. I want to get together and hear about your cruise!

Lynette - I should, but refer to above message to Lesley and that explains it all.

Lane Boyz Mom said...

OH SHUT UP, WOULD YOU?!?!?! Geez...I do NOT have unattractive relatives, geeez......LOL

Anonymous said...


Suck it up. Take a head shot, from the neck on.. You need to document that for your girl's history. Surely you do like your hair and teeth at this age... LOL.. Notice all my shots are head shots.

I would love to have the courage and body of that little REED.. Haha.. What a cutie! Allie is too. It's uncanny how much Reed is you and ALlie is Billy in drag.

Love CHristy

Lane Boyz Mom said...

Christy is 100% right about EVERYTHING;) LOL