Wednesday, August 6, 2008

25 things that inspire me....

Melissa, over at Stretch Marks, yesterday posted 25 things that inspire her and challenged us all to do the same. I'm not going to do all 25 today. I have not had time since school started Monday. How am I tired and back into feeling overwhelmed just after 2 days? I haven't even had all my kindergarteners yet! Oh well, here are some.....

1. My girls. I want to walk across the stage in Dec. to receive my Ed.S diploma to show them that I want to do better and more for them.

2. My students at school. Some days when I just need a pick-me-up, they can say or do the very thing that I need.

3. My college friends. I have seen them grow up ( I've known them forever) and become what they wanted to be. It inspires me to work hard too. I am proud of them and their varied accomplishments.

4. My husband, in 1997, as he battled leukemia. He never let a negative thing enter his mind. Oh, it wasn't easy and later it about destroyed us, but he handled his emotions and the whole thing with bravery. I never heard him say, "What if I don't..."

5. My mamaw. She made me feel like I was her favorite out of 10 grandchildren. Just like everybody else felt. She loved in a way that I aspire to love.

That's all I'm doing today. I'll think some more plus I gotta watch the finale to So You Think You Can Dance!!


Lane Boyz Mom said...

Those are great, Robin!! I should do that, but uh, I don't wanna think right now, lol

Oh and just to let you know....not to burst your bubble, but I was CLEARLY MaMaw's favorite;) But if it helps you sleep at night to think that, then go right ahead, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Love ya!

ChristiS said...

I must be in a sappy mood, cause just reading these made me want to cry my eyes out! Can't go into all the sap, but I will say this: Thank you for letting me love your Mamaw and Papaw. They were very, very special people, and they blessed me in the time I knew them!

Now, I am sore afraid that I must go see my inlaws!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Those are good ones... very sweet

Robin said...

Oh Lynette!! Your memories are going as you get older. I was the favorite grandchild!! =) Nah, she made us all feel special.

Thanks Christi! I'm glad you became friend enough to become family!

Lizzie, thank you very much!

I still can't think of any more to add so that may just have to be it!

WheresMyAngels said...

Oh man I bet it was so tough with your husband and what he went thru. Those kind of times always bring out the worst and the best in people but I know it had to make you both grow a lot stronger.