Sunday, July 27, 2008

I so needed church today......

Today, at church, we had Youth Sunday. I so needed this today and am so thankful for the youth in our congregation. Church, lately, has been more of a "I know I should go" type thing, instead of what it is supposed to be about. I won't bore you with those details, but back to today.... Today was one of those days that my eyes welled with tears many times, and I sat and gave up thanks for reminding me why I was there.

We had a praise band of 3 guys, and it was great. They played covers of lots of popular praise songs. I've put the songs they played plus a couple of extra in the player. In case you can't tell, I do like Chris Tomlin. =)

The youth did a stick dance to the song, "My Redeemer Lives." This is one of those songs that gets me every time! The dance is very moving and then with the song, Oh my! Who knew that you could spread the word by doing motions to a song?

Then,my niece and her buddies did children's time. They did well with the wild things at the front of the church in front of everyone. Even my Allie did well, until the end. As they were leaving, she looked up at Brittany and said she wanted to pray. Brittany let her, and I was sorely afraid! She prayed that she knew God was dead and so was her yellow lab, Khaki, who died when he was 7. That was it. Everyone just thinks it's soooo cute, but I cringe everytime the children head to the front, with a MICROPHONE!!

The message was given by the youth leader and about how we come, just like things we buy, with some assembly required and how we need God to provide us with directions.

Now, why am I giving you a play by play of my church service today? It was on my heart to share it and to extend it.

I have read many blogs about people needing some prayers right now. Let's make this a prayer chain for the folks in our lives right now that need us praying for them.

I'll leave names and then you all add in the comments who you want others to pray for. I feel great things can happen when we lift people up by name. It may not be what we want, but God does hear our prayers.

Sue McVey, a friend's mother battling cancer
my mother, some health issues
Melissa, from Stretch Marks
the family of Confessions of a CF Husband
my cousin Russell in Iraq
Bob Copeland, my friend's father

I know there are many others, but this is to just get us started. Please participate and share this with others.


ChristiS said...

Beautiful, beautiful post! I'm so glad that church was uplifting today! I like Chris Tomlin too, he's really my boyfriend, and yes, my hubby knows all about him! LOL

Let's also lift up teachers and students (esp. us! hee hee) as we go back to school as well....

I may be back to add more!

Lane Boyz Mom said...

What a beautiful post, Robin! I love the playlist!!!

My Mother In Law, Mary, she's having some cancer removed Tuesday from her nose.

Does Anybody Hear Me said...

What a beautiful idea, Robin!
I too get the 'I know I should go, but don't wanna' attitude. We might miss a Sunday or two, but when we go back I am hit in the face as to why I should be there and why I like it so much.

Offering prayers for the family of Mickey Fields. Mickey died on Thursday and was the father in law of an old friend.

My mother--she is in poor health and is in pain constantly.

My sister--that she may deliver her son safely in October.

Me--that I might have patience and understanding and not use my mouth as a sword in anger.

God Bless!!

Laurie said...

I'm so glad you found your church uplifting. Church is some where that should be comforting.
I love my church. I always feel at peace when I'm in mine.

Robin said...

I'm adding:
Christi, for her shingles

Amie's grandmother's having open heart surgery

Reed, trying to figure out if she has asthma or just bronchitis right now