Monday, July 14, 2008

What will I do now?

I had my last class Saturday for my Ed.S (Education Specialist) program. That sounds I'm qualified for something. I have to take a school leaders licensure test in September, then guess what?

I actually could be a principal.

Now I know you are wondering why I would even want to do that? I remember watching Saved by the Bell and Mr. Belding was not the smartest cookie in the jar. And I remember from my own school experience that these were not always the people I admired. My elementary principal ALWAYS mispronounced a friend's name. She could not stand it.

Maybe they should offer classes on what NOT to do!!

But, I enjoyed learning about facilitating leadership skills and hopefully, for right now, it will help me be a better teacher.

Also on Saturday night, the girls and Billy participated in the Crazy 8s activities for Funfest. I did not. I watched, I tried taking pictures (didn't work out like I thought it would), and cheered everyone on. I am not a runner. Oh, I could have walked in the 3K, but I didn't. No excuses, just didn't. Billy ran the 8K and it was fun to watch. The world's record for men and women are at this race and they thought the men's record would be broken, but he missed it by about 40 seconds. Don't feel too bad, he ran about 5 miles in 22 minutes and 42 seconds. I guess it's hard to run at night with the humidity in July. It is absolutely amazing to see these Kenyans and Ethiopians come show us east Tennesseans how to really run! Billy finished in 48:25. He was happy that it was under 50 minutes. His knees are trying to tell him that he's not 20 anymore.

We took our big girl to camp yesterday for the week. Reed will be at church camp until Friday. This is the first time she has stayed all week, and she didn't go with knowing anyone. I am so proud of her for that. I couldn't and wouldn't have done that as a child. Allie has missed her and made several comments about her being gone. A funny though, the cat slept with Allie since Reed was gone, and Allie woke up happy and can't wait to tell Reed that one!


Lane Boyz Mom said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! WOW...what are you going to do with this extra chunk of time you've found;) LOL

So you aren't ready to become a principal don't wanna walk parents into your office and tell them that their son threatened someone? Hmm...I cannot imagine why not, I mean, the parents really enjoy that, HAHAHA

Oh I can't wait to hear how Reed liked camp! :) Good for her, I wouldn't haven't gone either, at least at that age...this age? ! HONEY..FIND ME ONE I CAN GO TO! LOL

Does Anybody Hear Me said...

I don't think I would want to be a principle. Parents just aren't nice now a days and you get enough of that crap just being a teacher.
I do have to say that in all the schools my children have attended--11 in all--there was only one principle I adored. She is principle of an elementary school here in town. If gas weren't so high, I would send Thing 2 back to her school.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

My mom was an elementary Principal for... 24+ years. Very difficult job, but also very rewarding.

One thing I always remember her saying is that she could never tell a kid to stop skipping in the hall. Stop running, sure, but stop skipping. Nope. Know why? Because you only skip when you're happy and she never had the heart to stop someone from being happy. I love that about her.

Just FYI - she was MY Principal for two years. That I didn't love.