Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pride in the name of love.....

Oh, on a side note of pride:

My niece's softball team has won their first two games in the state tournament. If they win tonight, then the championship game will be on Monday. I so hope they do it!

Also, I picked Reed up from camp yesterday and my heart was bursting with pride listening to her talk about her experience. I would have never gone for a week like that as a 9 year old without knowing anyone, and not cried. I am proud of her for just going, but I almost cried when she was talking about their last worship service. They had it at night, around a bonfire, took communion, sang songs, and had a candlelight service. She said, "It was so awesome, Mommy, I can't put it into words." My baby experienced God firsthand, I think. She didn't want to come home, and she wants to work there when she is old enough. So, that's one of those things to put back in my mind, when I am so mad at her. I know there is good in there somewhere! =D

Sorry for being long-winded, just wanted to share!

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Lane Boyz Mom said...

OH MY wonderful for Reed!! I'm proud and I'm not her Mama;) LOL

Keep me posted about Lauren's softball situation, your sister isn't as good as keeping me up to date with things like that;) LOL

ChristiS said...

That just about makes me cry, Robin! She NEEDED that experience since things are such as they are at church! What a great blessing! I used to have a big crush on the current director of Buffalo Mtn. when he was in our church at Cherokee! LOL