Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm at my sister's house.....

I'm at my sister's house for a few days. Not much to post, just that. After Reed had her dance competition team try-outs on Monday we came up. The girls and Betsy's kids were in a commerical shoot yesterday for Jeff. He is supposed to email me the final cut soon so if I get brighter before then, I can post it. I don't seem to have much luck with videos. We'll see.

Lauren had her first district softball game last night. They won 16-0. This is the group of girls that won state when they were 9 and 10. They lost out going to state last year by the last game of the series. So, I'm hoping that they make it this year.

I had forgotten how 13 year old girls are though. I have slept with Lauren 2 nights now, and oh my. She is 13 and reminds me more of me than ever her mother. She came through the kitchen last night giving karate kicks, lost her balanace, fell down, and then started laughing so hard. That was classic me. Poor girl. She cracks me up some times and then burns me up others. But, what is with the pouty lip camera pose? My 16 year old niece does it, Lauren does it, all these pics she has shown me are of girls giving pouty looks with a peace sign. Ohhhhhh, she just reminds me of how old I am getting!!


Lane Boyz Mom said...

OHHH....make sure SOMEONE sends me a copy of that commercial!! Wow...finally, someone famous in our family, LOL

Yeah, what is up with that pouty lip pose? All the kids do it, dang...I'm getting old too, huh? LOL

Enjoy your stay with Betsy & the kids!

ChristiS said...

I wish I knew what the pose was all about, too! Should one of us ask one of them?!