Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here are the commercials that my girls and Betsy's kids were in last week. They are only showing on cable channels in southwest VA for the next few weeks. So, feel very special that you are getting to view these "local spots" They like it when Uncle Jeff does this for them! Be sure and pause the music from the sidebar.


Lane Boyz Mom said...

AWESOME!!!!!! I am related to someone famous now!! FINALLY! LOL

Send me the link to those, in my e-mail, so I can send them to the boys', they are checking their e-mails up there, well Griffey is, Reese..not so much, lol

ChristiS said...

Love it! That is so cool! I don't think they're showing here, unfortunately!!

Laurie said...

HHmm I see Lynette........lol

Robin how cool about the commericals. Is your daughter the one jumping in to the pool?

Are you going to presue more acting jobs for them?

Robin said...

Laurie, yeah, Lynette's my cousin. We are the brightest of the bunch!! =)
No, I'm not pursuing anything for them. They were the two younger ones in it. My brother-in-law works for the cable company in the area and when he knows of somebody needing a kid, he'll give us a call. It's only happened twice. They just think it's fun!