Saturday, July 19, 2008

Here freebie, freebie...............

The SITS-tas over at The Secret is in the Sauce are having another giveaway for this week! I am posting about it because it is the neatest and let's face it, I want more entries! I would love to have this baby, capturing all of life's big moments, like my nephew spilling his drink all over my daughter in the restaurant. Then when we got to the car, she was so worried about getting her booster seat dirty, I stripped her shorts and panties off of her. That would have been a Kodak, oops I mean, a great Sony moment! So, go over there, check out the giveaways, and join up!

A RED, yes Red, totally spunky Sony Cyber-shot W150 ($250 value)...8.1 Megapixels, 5x optical zoom and 30m wide-angle lens.

Now, doesn't that get you excited?


ChristiS said...

Here, freebie, freebie reminds me of the here, birdie, birdie experience during exams at the vending machines! LOL I'm off to check it out now!