Monday, July 21, 2008

I have a confession to make...

For the 2 people out there reading this blog. I am not always a sweet, timid, shy girl. Christi, don't open your mouth. Sometimes I do things that even surprise me.
Like on Sunday night. My husband had plans to go somewhere. He didn't want to go alone so he said he wanted me to go. Who can say no when your husband wants to include you on something he's interested in and you are NOT? I had made fun of him for weeks over this and now he was dragging me along for the ride.

Well, then, here it comes.

Billy took me to



What's so weird about that? I love music, I love going to see live acts, I love seeing U2 live. Well, here's the funny part.

It was POISON!!! Go ahead and laugh. I went and saw an 80s hair band, and had a blast!!!

Now, back in the day, I liked them. Never thought Brett Michaels was all hot or anything, but like any other teenager liked what they were singing. My friend Kelly though had a huge poster of the band in her room. I was more into thinking George Michael was "the thing." Yeah, I know. I was clueless as a child.

Update to today, and Billy and I love to watch Rock of Love and talk about the girls and laugh at the craziness of the show. It never entered my mind though to go to a show.

Oh, one funny thing about the concert. Before it started, this drunk chick across the row from us was trying to get a guitar player from the opening band to come up and talk to her. He was being a good sport, laughing about it, and just said he couldn't. Well, drunk chick tried walking down to him and ended up falling onto their guitars and spilling her beer all over everything. Security escorted her out, but let her come back to her seat. She was passed out by the time Poison came out. She probably wonders why she is so sore today!

We were on the side, but super close. I tried getting pictures with my cell phone, but for some reason it wouldn't zoom like it's supposed to do. And Lynette has already fussed about not having my camera. Apparently, I am supposed to have it in my purse at all times!

It was a typical band show. Lots of pyro, girls dancing on the screen behind the band, and confetti at the end. My ears are still buzzing at 11:00 Monday morning.

The capper of the night was a cop pulling out behind us, a mile and a half from our house. Billy figured he was busted for speeding, but he didn't pull us over until we were at the top of our street!!! He let Billy go with a warning, thank goodness.

I hope you all enjoyed laughing at me, but admit it, you are now hearing the song, "Talk Dirty to Me," aren't you?

Here are some fuzzy pics. Sorry, but it does show how close we were.

Billy and me at the concert

Brett and Bobby during the show

C.C. after the show- He cracked me up during the show. He kept checking his hair in a mirror and drinking Diet Dr.Pepper

Rikki after the show


Lane Boyz Mom said...

I really am jealous!!! And ALSO can we be related and you forget your camera?! WOW....I must have gotten the camera thing from my Dad's side of the family then, LOL

I am glad you ended up having fun, but really....there was no way you couldn't have;) LOL

ChristiS said...

That is hilarious!! Chris would have gone too, had he known! LOL I love it!!

Robin said...

Lynette, I never remember my camera going out like that. I'm lucky to remember to take it to the girls' soccer games!

Christi, I actually had a blast, after giving Billy all that grief.

Lane Boyz Mom said...

Robin, Robin, Robin....always remember the camera BEFORE the kids!! LOL Hey, if you forget the kids, but have the camera, that is a great shot to have if you turn around and snap the kids chasing you down the road;) LOL

Anonymous said...


This kinda reminds me of our dorm Space Bar nights. I don't recall that any of us were shy then..

Do you remember all of us gazing out the window at your date, Billy?

I also don't remember much of a night in J City...

Love Ya.

Robin said...

Space bar!! Now, that was good times. My big question was: why? Why the aluminum foil atennaes and crowns? Those were fun nights. And I had forgotten about you all looking out the window at Billy. We had so much fun, didn't we?

The Brady's said...

You must have went to the one in Pikeville KY! My co-workers daughter went! she's 16! anyways...My husband loves the IMAC..his is the all in one..I however Love my Dell, 2 of them 2 be honest...You can buy 3 dell's to 1 apple, but they are not prone to virus..their system is so complex hackers & virus makers don't even bother with writing programs for MACs....

Anonymous said...

Robin, You were the one who had the antennas on her glasses... Not sure but you had a cafeteria tray that you served all the drinks on . You need to ask Christi about the name... It was just cool then b/c you and Christi were soooooooooo COOOOOOOOOL then... We all thought we were sooooooo cccooooollll!!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oh what a blast!!! Good for you and going and having fun.

I need one of those slim cameras - mine is MUCH to bulky for my purse... grrrr...

I love watching Rock of Love... secretly... a lot.