Saturday, December 6, 2008

Time for a new post.....

Just realized that I hadn't posted in December yet and it's the 6th!! Not much is going on, praise the Lord! No heat pump problems, no flooded bathrooms, and no major issues. Sure as I write this though, something will happen. Quick, say a prayer for us that nothing like that happens for awhile.

Thanksgiving was great. I felt like our break was just long enough, I loved getting to see Lynette and her crew, not having to take Reed to any dance practices, and just getting some time with family.

Since then though, things have been hectic. Billy was out of town this past week, school and other schedules were back to normal, and I had early morning duty at school. I think I was on time 1 day! LOL. I was 5 min. late the other days. We have to be there 15 min. earlier than usual for morning duty. Thank goodness, it's only like every 9 weeks.

Oh yeah, we left school early on Monday for snow, that was a great surprise! Then, we went in late on Tuesday. My kids at school were so out of sorts because of the schedule changes. They will be this way though until January. They are so excited with the least little thing. I put up lights in my room, and you would have thought it was Speedway in Lights .

Do any of you on-line shop? I did on Cyber Monday. I didn't get loads of fantastic deals, but it is so convinient! I was on the computer 2 hours though trying to make decisions on what to do. I love Christmas, but can't stand it at the same time. I don't like deciding what to give. I don't seem to really be in the mood this year. I'm listening to as many Christmas songs as I can trying to drum it up. Maybe it will work?

And to finish the week off right, Allie had to go to the doctor Friday. She has strep. It's going around school, and her room especially. I hope she's the only one to get it. Reed wasn't home last night so that's a plus. She went to see a play that her friend was in and then spent the night with her. My 9 year old has a better social life than I do. When did that happen???

Have a good day/weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

OH NO!! Strep!!?!?!? YUK!! Randy's sick now too, although today he's feeling better, just has a head cold thing!

Hope nobody else gets it!

Lula! said...

Speaking of Speedway in Lights...have y'all been this year? We go every year, but's been so cold, and the girls like to get out at the end and do all the fun stuff. it REALLY worth all that???

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

They have teachers take turns directing traffic at the Ladies school, and I laugh because we get there on the early side of the coverage, and the ONLY teacher who is ever on time is the art teacher... LOL :)

WheresMyAngels said...

I'm trying to do my shopping online as much as possible!