Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Allie!!!

Today is my youngest daughter's birthday. Allie is 6 today. She is so excited that she work up extra early this morning. I can't believe that she is where she is because babies aren't supposed to grow up, are they? She is a crackerjack, and I wish that I had time to share everything that she says. She did say last night, "Remember when I used to want to skip 5 and just go to 6? Well, I don't have to think about that now!" Her quips are the stuff of legend at church. She loves to be kissed and cuddled. I always can count on some lovin' from her. I pray for her to grow into a woman that continues to show her love and friendliness to others. I pray that some Christian parents out there are raising a son to be a good mate for her. I pray for her to be healthy and make good choices as she grows. Finally, I pray that I am the mother she needs me to be to help her get through the coming and forming years.

Happy Birthday Allie!! I love you.


ChristiS said...

Happy belated birthday Miss Allie! I'm so sorry that we didn't make it to the party...did it go well?

WheresMyAngels said...

Happy Late Birthday to her. She sounds like a beautiful fun loving child.

Maria said...

What a beautiful baby girl there!!! I love girls with personality, and it sounds like she is. What a wonderful prayer for your daughter. May God Bless You Both!!