Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Thursday, isn't it?

Today is the first day I will have worked this week.

We were out Monday for MLKday. Then, it snowed!! I was so happy to get an extra day at home. It felt nice to have a surprise day off. Billy and I were hurriedly trying to finish rewatching season 3 and 4 of Lost before last night.

Then, we were on a 2 hour delay yesterday morning, and I like those too. We go to school a little later but it counts as a regular day. I got up, showered, came into the living room, cut on the Today Show, and saw that we were out again!! The sun was shining, and no snow on the ground. It puzzled me, but should I really be looking a gifted horse in the mouth? Now, I have learned not to ask why, but to be happy with what we are given. Soooo, I happily got to stay home again!! Once again, we watched DVDs trying to finish up. We somehow did it and then got to watch it for real last night! I'm happy to have it back, but of course, I am confused already!! That's why I love it though!

I am going to work today though. This will be an extremely short week, and there's nothing wrong with that!!!

Have a great Thursday everyone!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Exact same thing happened here. Yesterday the sun was out and it was quite nice but apparently up in dem dare hills it snowed....

I NEED the girls to go back to school - they're driving me NUTS!!!

WheresMyAngels said...

WE haven't had a good snow here yet :(

Does Anybody Hear Me said...

I used to love snow days. I went to a small Catholic school in Indiana and we never ever had to make up snow days. In the winter of '76 it started snowing during Christmas break and continued to snow. We didn't go back to school until the end of JANUARY and only then it was half-days.
We have hurricane days down here. LOL