Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It just keeps getting better!

I must have done something right over the weekend because my fog is lifting.

I got out early from school yesterday, we are closed today, they are calling for more snow to come, Adriana Trigiani's new book, Very Valentine, is out today, AND in 2 days, Christi and I are leaving for Blissdom '09!!!!

On the book: I love this author. She grew up in Big Stone Gap, VA which is about an hour away from here. When she published her first book, Big Stone Gap, Christi and I went to Big Stone for the book signing. Reed was little and in a stroller. I forgot to add that Christi lived in Big Stone Gap for her middle school years so that made it even more special. I've also gotten another one of her books signed. She just seems so real and friendly. She's the type that you would want to have a meal with and just sit around and talk.

On Blissdom: Christi and I are leaving Thursday afternoon. We are staying with a college friend Thursday night then heading into Nashville on Friday. We have not done anything like this since we graduated from college way back in 1995. I am excited to do something with her and to get adult time for almost 4 days!! 4 days. Do you know the last time that happened?

That's one big career downfall. I teach small children all day and then come home to small children in the evening. Oh yes, the girls are growing up and becoming more self-sufficent, but sometimes just the fact that they need me is overwhelming. That makes me sound like a real winner in the mom department, doesn't it?? See. I need this little mini-vacation!! I hope to learn more about this great big blog world we live in.

See ya then!


WheresMyAngels said...

Woo Hoo, you have fun. I'm hoping for a girls night out soon. I haven't done one in years.

ChristiS said...

Wheeeeeee! We leave tomorrow!! And I didn't even realize that Adri had a book coming out! (Notice I drop that nickname like I know her?! ROFL In my dreams!) Hey we ought to head up there again when they are filming the movie!!

See you tomorrow!!!

Lula! said...


I hadn't heard of this book...
I love Adriana...
and I want them to film Big Stone Gap in Big Stone...and we can be extras, Robin!!! Awesome!

Robin said...

Lula, she was on the Today Show Tuesday, and said that Ashley Judd will be playing Ave Maria!! I like that sounds like a good fit.

We've already had a great time and girls' trips should be a necessity of life!