Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just some random things....

I was going to do a flashback Friday today, but youtube was not cooperating. Plus, I probably would have officially gotten on your nerves with my choice!! I just realized that next Friday is the day AFTER Thanksgiving. That means I can pull out all my Christmas CDs and drive my girls insane with my choice of music for a month. Well, I do that everyday, but you know what I mean. I can NOT believe that it is that time of year again. I have not bought the first thing this year and do not know where to start. I hate Christmas for that very reason. I love the decorations, the festiveness, and the just, generally, good feeling of the time of year. But, I hate the gift shopping, exchanging, and hoping that you have pleased someone. Anywho, my song choice....... I'm not telling. If I can get youtube to do what I want it to do, I may surprise you all with a little cheer next week!

The stomach bug is starting at my school. I had a child, crying with stomach pains, the last twenty minutes of school. I call Mom, had to leave a message, waited 10 minutes, and then called grandma. I told her how he was just complaining right now and wanted her to know for when he got off the bus. He threw up while I was on the phone with her!!! And not a little, my poor book corner is all I'm going to say. :) My advice to you mothers: Lysol and Clorox wipes!!

Yes, I'm all excited about Twilight. Yes, I'm jealous that Lynette is seeing it tonight, and I'm not. Yes, I'm stupid for not going and getting tickets early, but I dont' want to go alone. Yes, I'm afraid I will look creepy going alone to see this movie about a bunch of young, good-looking people. I will try to get one of my nieces to go, hopefully this weekend. So no telling, Lynette!!

And finally, my fiasco of last night. Reed was at dance, it was time to get her, I got Allie ready and decided at the last minute to go tinkle. I used the bathroom, flushed, and rushed out the door. Cue to 30 minutes later. Walk in the door, downstairs, and hear a noise. I first thought, I didn't have the washing machine running. Then, I saw it. Water was leaking from the basement ceiling. All over my husband's laptop, book copies, and receits. I ran up the stairs, and saw the mess in the bathroom. Our toilet had been running over for 30 minutes!!!!!!!
Long story, short. My husband got home, was mad about his stuff, was ugly to me, I cried, didn't talk to him the rest of the night, and went to bed without helping him sort through stuff downstairs. He did apologize this morning, and it saved his life!

So, how was your week?


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

OH NO!!!!! How were you supposed to know the toilet was running? LIke anyone sticks around?? I'm sure he was frustrated but... I'm sorry he took it out on you.

And sorry about the puking too.. boy is that going around!!!

Lynette said...

OMG I hope you got that toilet fixed, I don't think Randy knows anything about plumbing, other than plumbers crack;) LOL

We can see the movie this week, while I'm up. I'd LOVE to see it again when I don't have screaming idiots and such! I want to ENJOY every moment with Edward;) LOL

Oh and btw...get rid of that snow or we are NOT coming up;)

ChristiS said...

OH NO!! Yeah, I know you purposefully set all his stuff directly under the toilet in hopes that someday it would ruin it! UGH, MEN!

Did you enjoy your day off?? :D

WheresMyAngels said...

Oh no that is horrible. I once left water running in a sink that someone has left a wash cloth in, it ran for hours and flooded my down stairs bedroom.

I need to get some Christmas music out and play for the kids. I always had great memories of my mother playing Christmas music while we put up decorations.

This weekend I am sick and then a staff called in for tomorrow, nothing new there. I've been getting call in's constantly. So I work tomorrow :(