Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heeeeeerrrrrrre's Robin!!

I have finally gotten around to sitting down with Lula, and letting her pick my brain. I enjoyed putting on my thinking cap and spending time with her questions. Because of time restraints, I got right to the heart of the matter and answered the questions. And Lula, be proud, I wanted to answer all of them!!

Lula: Everyone has been blessed with a talent, be it big or small. What's yours, and do you use it often?

Robin: I don’t think I have a true talent, but I can pick stuff up with my toes. I have fun with that with towels on the floor and stuff.

Lula: Share your favorite memory from childhood.

Robin: I have so many!! I think, probably anytime I spent at my grandparents’ house. When I think of my mamaw, I feel safe and warm and remember just doing simple, fun things. She would hang kite string up in her kitchen, let me wear one of her aprons with clothespins in it, and hang towels. I was “hanging my wash out on the line!”

Lula: You've been given a two week, all-expenses paid vacation. Where will you go? Whom will you take with you?

Robin: A beach destination!!! If I wanted just a fun-filled trip, I would take a few close friends and we would lounge and laugh and drink fruity drinks with umbrellas. If I wanted romance, I would take Billy and we would lounge in a different way!!

Lula: If you could have one superpower, what would you want? How would you use it?

Robin: I would love to have the power of bending the will of children. Heehee. All I would have to do would be to touch their shoulder, and it would be like a mind-bend thingy. They would do whatever I asked them to do without arguing with me. A sweet Pollyanna glaze would come over their faces. =)

Lula: A movie is being made of your life story. Who will play you? Your significant other? And what song would be on the movie's soundtrack?

Robin: I would love for Ashley Judd to play me. She’s beautiful, Southern (Appalachian Southern –there is a difference), and she’s intelligent. I would pick Tom Hanks or someone like him to play Billy. Tom Hanks’ can be funny, serious, and can hold a conversation with you. The movie’s soundtrack would have to be something by U2. I think, maybe, Sometime’s You Can’t Make it On Your Own. I love that song and the backstory to it!!

Lula: If you had an entire day to spend by yourself, with plenty of money at your disposal, what would you choose to do?

Robin: I would have an outlandishly extravagant spa day!! Massage, facial, mani/pedi, wraps, hot stone treatments, and anything else I could pick.

Lula: Name three people, living or deceased, you'd invite to a dinner party at your house. What would you serve?

Robin: I would love to have: 1- my Mamaw, just to have a chance to be with her again and talk to her and let her love me 2- Dr. John Lang, a college English professor, because even while I was a stupid college student, I could tell his intelligence and love for modern Southern writers, and 3- Elvis, back when he was King, not all doped up

Lula: You stumble upon a time machine that will only go back through time. Where will it take you? What will you do in that period of time?

Robin: I would like to go back to college and let my freak-flag fly. In high school, I felt like I was more of my own person. In college, I feel that I never quite fit into a peg. That left me at times feeling isolated and lonely. I had a great time, but I wish I would have been truer to myself and that might have been better for me later on.

Lula: What is your all-time favorite book? Movie? Television show? Song?

Robin: I always have trouble with these questions. I like so much and such a wide variety of things. I’ll try…..
Book: To Kill a Mockingbird I love the story of realizing what is in your own backyard and how precious it can be
Movie: I always say Grease because it was the movie from my youth that I looked forward to seeing the once a year it came on tv. As I’ve gotten older, I still love it. That’s the type of movie you can watch anytime and just have fun. I also really love The Green Mile. It’s a great story and I can watch it to make me cry when I need a good cry.

Song: I can't answer this one. It definitely depends on whether it's a party, power ballad, dance floor, or a road trip. I love too much music and too many different kinds.
TV Show: I have to say Lost!!! That is the best show that makes you think and is intelligent. I also seem to be watching a lot of reruns of Frasier right now. I always liked that show too. I will admit that Billy and I park our rears every Sunday night at 9:00 on VH1 for Rock of Love. Those girls give new meaning to the word skank!!

Lula: A physician offers you $25,000 worth of plastic surgery services. Do you take him/her up on the offer? If so, what will you enhance/make bigger/make smaller?

Robin: I would definitely take up that offer. Could I include LASIK in there? My stinking insurance doesn’t think it’s medical, and I want. It. So. Bad. My body could use so many other procedures, but I would give it all up for LASIK. sigh.

Thanks Lula for the thought-provoking questions. Now, I would love to interview YOU!! If you would like to join in the fun, leave me a comment that you would like to be interviewed. I will email you some questions and then you can post it on your blog. Don't be afraid. I can't throw curve balls.

Even if you don't want to be interviewed, leave me a comment. I need some lovin' over here!!!

Have a great day!


Lula! said...

Robin--this was SO GREAT!!!!! I love your answers. I have to say, the admission of watching Rock of Love surprised me. I've never seen that show!!! You are a rebel...

I want/need a spa day, too. Let's go to that Austin Springs Spa over at The Carnegie in JC. When we stumble into the big bucks, that is!

Thanks again for playign along. Now I wanna hear about Blissdom!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Great post!!! Those are wonderful questions. I'm all about that bending of a kids will thing. You figure out how to make that work and you'll get to spend ALL your days at the spa!!!

WheresMyAngels said...

I love me some Rock Of Love stripper girls!! lol

Girl, you are a twitter freak. My phone is always beeping. Never figured that for you, since you don't blog as much.

ChristiS said...

I love the phrase let your freak flag fly! LOL

I'll be interviewed. I'm up for something fun. Thanks for your message today....I'm praying for the same. We DID have a talk the other day, so that is good!