Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Start of break....

Even though we got out of school Friday, I don't feel it officially started until today. I got to sleep until 9:00 this morning and that was fantastic!! Then, enjoying a cup of coffee or two for an hour or so. Loved it!!
We went up to Betsy's Sunday and we had a great time. The kids swam, we had a cookout, and then more of the same on Monday. I got to spend a lot of time with family and that is precious to me as I get older (especially since I don't see everybody on a day-to-day basis). Being up there like that with family around reminds me of being little over in the country at my Mamaw's. I came home and told Billy I wanted to move up there, but he kind of laughed at me. I miss my family. Tonight, I am making my "I miss Mamaw" supper: meatloaf, mac and cheese, green beans, and applesauce. Don't know what's got me so nostalgic!!

I must have had a great childhood! = )


Anonymous said...

Of course you had a great childhood, I was apart of it! LOL

I didn't realize you guys were already out of school, their last day here is next Wednesday.

Why don't you come down for a visit?

ChristiS said...

I certainly understand how you miss 'em, I miss them and they aren't even my family! LOL
How much school do you have to do this summer?