Monday, February 11, 2008


The new songs help show my excitement for Michael Jackson (the 80's version) and U2. Check out the songs, find one you remember, and enjoy. Leave me a comment to let me know what you think about these guys!!

I know I am getting old when these two things are exciting to me:

1- Thriller's re-release on Tuesday. I never had that album, but my friend Jill did and boy did we wear it out. I remember laying on the floor, opening it up to look at the pictures and listening to it. I also remember how big it was to go to the video store and rent the Thriller video. Oh my, I am telling my age here. =)

2- U2's 3D concert movie is coming out next week. I am excited for that because I have seen them live 6 times and it is AWESOME. I compare going to see/hear them live as being in church. Some of their stuff is very religious in nature and it is extremely stirring. Did you know their song "40" is based on Psalms 40. Bono quotes scripture during concerts. Also, I just like how they've done it for so long. After 9/11, I saw them in Philly, and at the end of the show they closed out by rolling all the victims' names behind them. They are compassionate people who happen to be a legendary band. Billy got excited when he found a girl that liked them as much as he does.


Lane Boyz Mom said...

OK, I can handle U2, fact I really like them...but Michael Jackson?? OH DEAR LORD...that has to come from your Dad's side of the family;)

ChristiS said...

Um yeah, I'm right there with you lady who is less than a month older than me! LOL

Cassie said...

I was in LOVE with Michael Jackson!!! I had the poster of him in the yellow sweater on my door!! and had the vinyl purse...=)