Friday, September 19, 2008

Flashback Friday....

My good friend Christi, over at BlahBlahBlog, has this neat picture for her Flashback Fridays and so I am borrowing it-- just like I have borrowed clothes, jewelry, and other things through the years. :) Christi, I couldn't get it to work. Help!!!!!!!!!!
She put Prince's Kiss on hers today because we love Prince. We say him in concert back in '97 and was amazed. I know the man is odd, but....... our fascinations were always questionable.
I am going to flash another Prince song today, "Purple Rain," it's the first song I ever slow-danced to in middle school. I just knew I was going to love Tommy Anderson til the day I died. I didn't, but we stayed pretty good friends through out school. Puppy love, isn't it sweet? However, since Prince is odd, you can't find his stuff to post. I don't know how Christi got her video because there is nothing on youtube because of copyright.

So..... I'm going to be flexible. I'm good at that.

I'm going to now flash to a different type of song. How about a little Joan Jett? She kicked some tail back in the day. Even at age 10, I understood she was BAD ASS. And I'll share a secret, my husband loves her. He totally crushes on her, and all of her leather and lace appeal. Typical man, huh?
Have a great weekend everybody!!


ChristiS said...

Ahhh, Joan Jett! She is the ultimate bad ass! I'll bet she drank "The Passion" and wore doo rags when she got mean drunk too!

Anonymous said...

Now you have me singing "I LOVE ROCK & ROLL" in my head;) LOL

I can totally see Billy crushing on her too...why is that? LOL

WheresMyAngels said...

Oh I used to sing different lyrics to this in 7th grade!! lol

Robin said...

Christi- I only thought I was a bad ass, huh? Me and my stupidness. LOL

Lynette- Billy actually says his favorite Joan Jett song is "do wanna touch" or "the french song" Of course, they are more, um, direct.

Angel- I would love to know what those were!!! LOL. My 5th grade boyfriend sang "I love Robin Neely." Somehow, I don't think your's are that innocent!!!! ;)