Friday, September 26, 2008

Flashback Friday.....

I can't believe I hadn't posted anything since last Friday. Not much going on, just working and driving the girls around. Our heat pump is messed up again and I am burning up even though it's not hot outside. I think I have cramps! This IUD thing can confuse me like that.

So today I'm going to flash back to a song from high school. This is the first time I had ever seen or heard of U2. We were on a band trip to Williamsburg, VA and us girls were excited to get MTV on the tv at the hotel. We didn't have that in '87 in my podunk hometown.

This song and video mesmerized me and began my love for all things Bono, Larry, Edge, and Adam. Then, when I met Billy, it impressed him that I loved them as much as he did. We have seen them lots of times now, and have gotten Reed to love them. As a toddler in a stroller, we would be shopping and Reed would lean forward and say "Is that Bono?" when she heard their music in the stores.

I had to embed a live version because embedding for the official video was denied by request. --on all of the real videos!!!!!

Here's my first U2 song:


ChristiS said...

ahhh, U2...the closest I've gotten to a concert was that durn one in J's living room! LOL